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We are GJ Computer Center, Your Local MSP/MSSP (Managed Service Provider/Managed Security Service Provider). Your dedicated resource of professionals for SMBs and residential security/surveillance, business access control/automation, IT/IOT, Phones and VoIP, Smart-Home systems, and computer service/repair. Our mission at GJ Computer Center is to keep the focus on making your business operations better, faster, and stronger in today’s digital world. Providing IT solutions for your business is our top priority, and we are experts in our field. We are committed to staying in front of new technological developments in the fast-paced business world in order to provide our clients with the most up-to-date solutions and services.


Managed Service

With the wave of information being moved to digital storage, including the cloud, many companies are opting to hire a third-party company for managed services. Operating a small business or corporation on the Western Slope is a big enough task in and of itself. Worrying about staying up to date on the latest technological advancements, and incorporating those advancements, can be costly to business owners when they are completing the tasks themselves. Outsourcing some of your operative IT functions to us will help ensure that you are operating your business in the most cost-efficient manner, while also remaining ahead of the techno-curve. We take care of your network, so you can focus on the more pressing details of the day-to-day company operations. When you sign up for managed services through GJ Computer Center, some of the specific services you can expect to receive include network building and support, PC/server building and support, network monitoring, backup and data recovery, cyber security, surveillance, and phone/VoIP services.



Many businesses need access to a phone service outside of a traditional office setting for some of their employees. An example would be a company that offers in-home servicing for appliances or even building contractors. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This technology allows individuals to complete calls—both in-bound and out-bound—over the internet. A traditional phone operation system isn’t as flexible or mobile as VOIP. Enabling employees to complete calls or receive calls from multiple locations simply by having access to a smart device is a revolutionary technological advancement meant for 21st century businesses. Here at GJ Computer Center, we can establish phones and VOIP systems to integrate aspects of your business in such a way that efficacy and production are increased.



Commercial video surveillance systems can provide you with the added peace of mind that your business and your equipment are safe when you are not onsite. Businesses are traditionally more susceptible to burglaries. In fact, it’s estimated that businesses are 6 times more likely to be robbed than a private home residence. To make matters worse, only about 16% of business burglaries result in an arrest. These stats alone are reason enough to take preventative measures against potential burglaries, ensuring the sustainability of your business and your livelihood. We offer a host of different surveillance systems aimed at protecting you and your employees. These range in cost based upon the scope of your business and your budgetary requirements. Click here to learn more about the different surveillance systems that we offer.


Tech Support, Repair Bench, Retail

Technology support you can rely on in grand Junction, CO. Our in store local team provides new and used systems and devices to meet your technology needs. With remote support, our retail store, fully staffed repair bench, and full install and integration services, we can meet any IT challenge.

Custom PCs—Local means a better price! Maybe you’re looking for a custom-tailored PC that offers variety and certain personal aesthetic. If this is the case, we are happy to help you design the PC of your dreams. Not only can conceptualize a highly functioning machine for your business, but we can do it in a way that reflects your business brand.

Computer Repair—Our friendly in-store technicians are here to help with all of your computer repair needs. Not only can we diagnose the source of your computer malfunctions, but we can offer you a variety of solutions ranging in cost. The wonderful thing about having a retail location in Grand Junction, is that we always have techs available to meet with you face-to-face and help tackle your computer repair project.

Remote Servicing—We know that it isn’t always conducive to have to come to our retail location for technology support. That’s why we offer remote servicing. If you’re experiencing a software related issue, and you’ve had a computer serviced with us before, we can set up remote servicing for you. This way our technicians can help fix any computer issues that you’re experiencing during normal business hours. This is just another way the GJ Computer Center is working to save you time and money.



Custom Business/Home systems

A Smarter home security system, installed by Grand Junction Computer Center, powered by, offers the most in piece of mind, at your home or business. With award winning technology, full feature digital touch screen panels, and a great selection of sensors, a self-managed system installed by GJ Computer Center, can meet all your building security needs. Integrated cameras, and smart doorbells, keep you aware before a problem. Most security systems only alert you after a break in, but, armed or not, your system is always on.  The easy-to-use app, means you can disarm your system from your phone, no running to the panel, and fumbling to put in a pin in time. Crash and smash protection means even if a burglar destroys your panel, an alert will be sent. You can rest easy with a custom system that meets your personal needs. 

IT Services in Grand Junction, CO

If you are a business owner looking for IT services in Grand Junction, CO, look no further! We offer an array of services that can be tailored to your specific needs. We not only set the bar in quality and efficiency, but we provide the highest caliber of information protection. We protect your company’s resources so you can have peace of mind. Contact us today for more information about how we can better streamline and excel your business. login