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Turing AI

Turing offers a full line of NDAA-compliant IP cameras that perfectly complement their comprehensive cloud offering. On-the-edge person and vehicle detection AI can be found from regular low-light cameras to high-speed PTZs, enabling a highly efficient experience while searching for incidents or persons of interest.



Some of Turing AI’s analytics include, level 1 object detection, level 2 identity detection, and level three attribute detection, as well as, integration of several third party manufacturers hardware. While there are limitations to third party integration, you may not have to change your cameras to keep your coverage and enjoy larger, long term, offsite storage of critical footage. Best of all this integration works with multiple camera brands across multiple campus installations.

Solutions in the Cloud

Turing AI Bridge

Meet the Turing AI Bridge! The bridge comes complimentary with all Smart Series NVR’s and provides access to a cloud based, storage, advanced analytics, OTA firmware upgrades, and alert notification, dashboard, with license.

Turing Vision App

Mobile App

Turing AI’s user friendly Vision Mobile App provides real time, Live Stream, Person of Interest, Vehicle of Interest, Share Video Clip, and Remote Device Management.

GJ Computer Center is the Grand Valley’s local Turing AI

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